Rockered Skins

Rockered skis keep getting crazier and crazier and skins to go along with these skis are following suit. There’s no need to go wall to wall since most of the skin material is providing little to no grip.

I cut a line from the tip attachment to one inch above the actual running surface.

 I held the ski on edge, up to a wall, made a mark where the ski edge contacts the wall and measured an inch from there (tips and tails). Then I marked that point on the skin and cut a line to the tip loop. Same process for the tails.

The tail attachment is on the second to last hole, which worked out perfect for this particular ski.
Finished product

The weight savings are neglible, but hopefully this setup will help improve glide. I’m a bit concerned about snow getting under the skin, we’ll see how it goes. For reference, the ski is 196cm, 153-135-142. The skins are X-Long 140mm G3 Alpinist

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