Still waiting for snow

The Wallowa’s still haven’t received any new snow in awhile. I checked out Aneroid Lake and Twin Peaks this past week, trying to find anything to ski.

Aneroid Lake skintrack

Aneroid Lake had some good snow at lower elevations, but anything above treeline is windswept and bare.

Click on images to enlarge

Aneroid Mountain looking pretty bald

East Fork

Tracks above Aneroid Lake. The snow was good here except for partially buried logs, rocks near the surface and limited vertical

 It’s hard to have a bad day of skiing. Twin Peaks came close though. Hiking up through thick brush, dead and down, and scree fields just to reach sub-par skiing can be frustrating. Beggars can’t be choosers during the early season I guess.

These skinning conditions require precision…. and lots of cussing


Sawtooth Peak


Twin Peaks descent route



  I suppose a guy could have skied from the summit, but it didn’t look like too much fun. Especially with the conditions. It was definitiley a connect the dots game, most of the slope was ice and breakable crust, but there were some soft slab patches. Looking forward to doing it again with better conditions.



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