Spout Springs and Fergi

One downside to using binding inserts is if you break your binding, your whole quiver is shot. This is the case for me right now as I wait for my missing piece to arrive in the mail. I don’t want to waste all this new snow however, so I dug deep in the quiver, found an old pair of K2 Piste Pipes with G3 Targas, and we set out for Spout Springs

Spout Springs. Yep, all those tracks are ours.


Spout Springs had about six inches of fresh snow that Emily and I had to ourselves well into the afternoon. Emily is coming along in her Telemark turn adventure, and I had fun skiing on skinny skis again.

New Year’s day we headed to Ferguson Ridge, Wallowa county’s local ski area, where we found more good snow. unfortunately I broke another binding early in the afternoon and we called it a day. Excited to get the touring bindings fixed and do some exploring soon.

Emily skiing Spout Springs


Emily practicing her tele turns at Fergi


Emily finds some fresh snow at Fergi


Another day, another broken binding.


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