Hurwal Divide South


Snow continues to elude north-east Oregon, as well as the rest of the lower 48. There is snow out there, it just needs to be found.


These goats had the same idea I did. I just wish I could climb like they do


Emily and I hiked the West Fork yesterday, still a lot of bare ground out there but I was able to spot some windblown snow on the southern portion of Hurwall Divide, just above Ice Lake.

 I was able to follow the summer trail to Ice Lake most of the way, dodging rocks and bare ground at lower elevations. The last couple of miles were easy skinning, with a 1500′ boot pack straight up the ridge.

A little warm today. Nothing some Gob Stopper can't fix.

As always, the views from the top were amazing. There’s a lifetime of exploration to be done in this little corner of the state. 18 miles round trip were well worth the 1500 vertical feet of consistent, smooth, buttery turns.

Ice Lake and The Matterhorn


The snow was much better than it looks, best line of the season so far.


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