Hoodoo Telefest


Emily demos some new skis

Emily and I enjoyed participating in the 10th annual telefest held at Hoodoo this last saturday. It’s always fun to see the whole mountain dominated by telemarkers. Of the last three years I’ve attended, this year seemed to be the smallest. More than likely due to the lack of snow, still, it was a blast to demo some new skis, take a lesson, and just hang out with a group of like-minded folks.

Click image to enlarge

It was great to try out a few products from the vendors

 The day started with trying out as many skis as we could before the hoards filed in. Black Diamond and G3 had some cool offerings. The Mountain Shop out of Portland had a collection of “patterned” or fish scale skis to try out. I’ve been dying to get out on some Voile Vectors since they came out, and they did not disappoint. Might have to ge my hands on a pair soon. Dynafit also had a booth, and despite Emily’s urgings I decided against locking the heel down in fears of loving it and giving the tele turn up.

Start of the Sirdal Slog uphill/downhill race

 There were also many events offered such as tele group lessons, downhill race, big air contest, and my favorite, the Sirdal Slog uphill/downhill race. Emily took part in a lesson, and I have to say, she’s ripping turns like a champ now. The after party and raffle is always a crowd favorite thanks to the generous offerings of the vendors. Unfortunately we didn’t win any skis or bindings, but were happy to donate to this years cause, an adaptive ski program out of Eugene.

The Sirdal Slog awards

 As always, we had an excellent time at Telefest and are looking forward to next years festival.

Emily looking to add another ski to her quiver



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