Early Mornings

Early bird gets the worm

 Skiing everyday is tough to do if you have a “real job”, but it’s not impossible. For the last few weeks Emily and I have been hitting the local ski bump to get a couple runs in before Emily has to get to the grind.

Click image to enlarge

New days light hitting Chief Joseph

 It always seems like a bad idea to leave a cozy warm bed to head out into the cold dark, but as soon as that cool air fills your lungs and your skins “swish swish” along, the warm house and extra couple hours sleep become a distant memory. There’s nothing like waking the body up with a few hundred feet of climbing.

Ready for the down as the sun comes up

 The snow has been less than stellar lately, but it’s still snow, and the same old views never seem to tire each morning. Plus, there’s nothing like getting in shape for skinning up mountains than skinning up mountains. Sure beats running.

Emily cranking turns to be at work by 8


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