Review: ON3P Pillowfight 11/12

Another ON3P masterpiece

 Length: 196

Dimensions: 153-135-142

Turn Radius-17

Effective Edge- 91

Weight- 2660g (5 lbs 14 oz per ski)

Mount: 22 Designs Axl -2cm from recommended line

I was getting worried there wouldn’t be enough snow this season to take these behemoths out. Luckily we’ve received a couple of storms that warranted a deep powder specific ski.

The first thing I noticed about these skis was the weight. At about a half pound more per ski than my daily driver, the Caylors, they seemed downright light for a ski this size. The second thing I noticed was how easy it was to break trail. No need to change your stride just because you’re breaking trail through two feet of snow, the Pillowfight’s massive rocker floats right to the top like a marshmallow in cocoa. I’ve had trouble with other rockered skis torpedoing under the snow in the past, so the Pillowfight was a real treat in this respect.

Pillowfight rocker profile

So they rock on the skin up, but how do they ski?  No surprise they ski well in powder. The first day I had them out was in two feet of blower. The soft flex, reverse camber design, and bamboo core really make these skis pop out of every turn. You always hear the moniker “Impossible to bury the tips” but this is one of few skis where that holds true. The ski is very playful, yet stable. It’s easy to make short turns in the trees or let ’em run in open bowls.

On windblown snow they’re still fun, but more user input is required. I found them to be hooky sometimes ( I didn’t de-tune these at all, might help a little). I don’t ride lifts much, but I did take them on a couple of dawn patrols to the local hill. They ski OK on groomers, but the tips flapping wildly at speed gets me nervous. I never felt very confident in the edgehold either. I haven’t had a chance to get them into any serious crud, but I would imagine they would get bounced around pretty badly.

ON3P bills this ski as “Our ultimate deep powder tool for those ultimate deep powder days.” And that’s exactly what I got these for. Not nearly as versatile as other skis, but when a storm drops over a foot, I’ll be reaching for the Pillowfights.

ON3P Skis

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