Whitefish Montana

I’ve had a work commitment all week and haven’t been getting out. Which is too bad because the Wallowas have been getting a lot of snow. The good news is that Emily and I had a wonderful weekend at Whitefish Mountain Resort with the family last week. I’m pretty sure it’s proven now that my mom and sis are the rabbit’s foot of snowfall as Whitefish received over 22 inches in 24 hours. Last year Jesse and I skied 16 inches of dry powder at Bridger Bowl. I’m excited to see where we end up next year, and to further test my family’s snow summoning abilities.

On our way to Whitefish Emily and I took a peek into the St. Regis Basin on the Idaho Montana border. Unfortunately the snow was horrible and we didn't ski anything. I'm looking forward to exploring this area more when the snow is better.


Jesse loves skiing, and the color brown.

Emily exiting the Picture Chutes. Those skis may look big, that's because she's on my 191 Caylors. She's spent three days on them, and I think there may be a new ON3P fan in the household.



It's difficult to find the goods when you're not familiar with the area. It's even more difficult during a storm. Luckily I had some help.



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