Review: ON3P Tychoon Tour 2012/2013

Length: 176

Dimensions: 124-94-114

Turn Radius: 23.6

Effective Edge: 146.5

Weight: 1814g per ski (4 pounds)

Mounted: Voile Switchback x2 on recommended line



When I took the plastic off these skis I thought I made a mistake. They looked way too short, too small, felt too light, and hand flexed too soft. I was looking for a mountaineering ski, a ski that was going to see more time on my back than on the snow, but I immediately started re-thinking my choice. I mounted them up and they sat for a month. I wasn’t looking forward to taking them out.

I finally decided to take them for a spin and was pleasantly surprised at how well they skied, and extremely happy about how they toured. Despite their size, I found myself reaching for this rig more and more.

I started skiing these during periods of high pressure where conditions were variable at best, icy hard pack at worst. The edgehold these things have is incredible. Tilt a glass panel to 45 degrees and the Tychoons will bite in and ease your worries. They handle variable conditions surprisingly well. You won’t be able to muscle through crud like you can with the Vicik or Caylor, but they hold their own if you ski them a bit more conservatively.

Any ski should ski powder well and these are no exception. I forgot how much fun skiing through powder can be, opposed to surfing on top of it.

Tychoon Profile

Tychoon Profile

Touring with these boards is a lot of fun and you can munch up vert in a hurry. This rig is 3 lbs lighter than my other “light” set up (Viciks with Axls) and it is definitely noticeable. Boot packs have become much more enjoyable. Looking forward to putting tech bindings on and lightening the load a little more.

The Tychoons feature ON3P’s bomber construction that they have become known for and after 20 days of abuse they’re holding up well as expected.

The only negative thing I can say about these is that they get chattery and squirrely on firm snow at speed. Not surprising considering the size. I’m sure the 186 is a little more stable, as well as the standard (non-tour) version.

All in all the best way to describe these skis is dependable and reliable. It doesn’t matter what kind of snow you encounter they behave the same way, no need to adjust your style or technique to the conditions, just ski.

A subtle but welcome change to this years line is the tails. More of a straight tail opposed to years' prior "half twin". Tychoon on the left, last years vicik on the right.

A subtle but welcome change to this years line is the tails. More of a straight tail opposed to years’ prior “half twin”. Tychoon on the left, last years vicik on the right.

Visit ON3P to check ’em out.

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