Locking it Down


There’s been a lot of talk around the household about ditching telemark and going the AT route. Telemark gear manufacturers have been evolving themselves into the ground ever since the plastic boot replaced the leather boot that the telemark turn was built on. A plastic boot overpowers the original three pin binding, so companies come out with a beefier, heavier binding, then boot companies come out with a bigger, stiffer, heavier boot, and the cycle continues.

This is great for the tele skier. More power, more control, and with the introduction of free pivot tele bindings, touring has never been easier. Of course these luxuries come with a price and it’s weight.

While telemark gear was getting more powerful and heavier, AT gear was retaining their power while getting lighter. Emily is the first in the household to break away from the telemark tribe in the pursuit of lighter weight and increased performance. I’ve been raving about the Tychoons lately so she picked up a pair in a 161, paired with Dynafit Speed Radicals for a weight savings of three pounds per foot.

Stay tuned for extensive testing.

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