Bonneville, 5 Mile Couloir


5 Mile Couloir

5 Mile Couloir

I noticed this line when Emily and I were in the Lakes Basin and had to check it out.

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Bonneville, Prize Chamber Couloir


Emily and I have been shut down twice on this line this season. Third time’s the charm and we got it in amazing conditions. Continue reading

Bonneville Mountain, Corn Maze Couloir

Lower Corn Maze

If this chute already has a name let me know. Otherwise I’m calling it the Corn Maze. This line is still a work in progress. I started about 100 feet below the ridge proper. The sun turned the corner and really started to heat up the upper section, so I gave up trying to negotiate the final pitch and headed down before the snow got too warm. This couloir has it all, open powder field up top, gradually choking down to a steep rock lined chute below. Continue reading