Salt Creek Beacon Map

Drew up a little map for the Salt Creek Beacon Basin to help facilitate your training. The basin is a great resource to keep your transceiver skills sharp.




Wing Ridge First Bowl

My buddy Tysen has been wanting to get out and do some backcountry skiing for a while now. He had a buddy in town who borrowed him some touring skis and avy gear, and with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, we headed out to Wing Ridge.

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Blake skinning through the timber

Tysen taking in the wonderful views

Tysen makes his first backcountry turns

Tysen arcing powder turns. He's hooked on this backcountry business

The snow got a little gooey down low, but Blake didn't mind

Wing Ridge

Spent the day at Wing Ridge to get a feel for what the snow is doing. High winds have transported a lot of snow at higher elevations, creating a wind slab on top of a rain crust. Facets right at the ground continue to be worrisome. Did manage to find some good powder though, add in some nice weather, beautiful views, and it turned out to be a very pleasant day.

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Playground for the day


High winds keep scouring peaks at higher elevations. We could also use alot more snow

There is some nice soft snow to be found if you look/hike for it