Wallowa Descents

A continually evolving list of descents in the Wallowas.

Bonneville/Wallowa Divide

5 Mile Couloir

6 Mile Couloir 

Corn Maze Couloir

Prize Chamber Couloir

Shark Couloir

Snake Farm Couloir

Taco Tuesday Couloir

Chief Joseph

North Bowl, Upper and Lower Couloirs

Mideast Chute

Craig Mountain

Gun sight Couloir

No Joke Couloir and again

Eagle Cap

East Face

Elkhorn Mountain

South Couloir

Hurricane Point (Peak 8457)

East Chute

Hurwal Divide

East Face

South Face


East Side

Peak 8620 

West Chute

Peak 9440

North Face

Miners Basin

Cheshire Couloir

North Chutes

Ruby Peak

East Face

Ruby’s Pearl Couloir

Sawtooth Peak

South Couloir

West Ridge

North Couloir 

Traverse Ridge

Benthos Buttress, Little Couloir

Twin Peaks

East Face

Southeast Face

5 thoughts on “Wallowa Descents

  1. This is a cool list you have compiled! Back in the eighties and nineties I picked off a few descents on the southern side of the range that i thought i would share with you.

    Hummingbird north and south faces in 82′
    Sacajawea NW face in 85′
    Krag peak south face in 90′
    Krag peak “the box” in 92′
    Red Mountain west couloir and east face in 92′
    True granite (between granite/basalt peak and red) north face in 93′

    Over in the Elkhorns-

    Elkhorn peak east face 84′
    Rock Creek Butte east face 84′
    Pine Creek Headwall west couloir 91′
    Elkhorn Peak north face in 95′

    Pretty dated i know! Most of these were done in full alpine gear until the technology was available for the first generation of AT gear- in my case the Salewa binding and fischer tour air carbon skis.

    Fun times!

    I am looking forward to following this site.

    Mark Hauter-

    • Glad you enjoy it Mark! That’s a sweet list you’ve ticked off. I’ve been meaning to check those areas out for years, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These spots look incredible. We have very little coverage in the Sierra. What are the conditions like up there right now?

  3. Hey this is an awesome site, thanks for putting it together! Pretty sweet to see people getting after it out in NE Oregon—I’m hoping to make it out to the area from the west side of the state soon.

    Looking forward to more trip reports!

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